It is with heavy heart that I have to inform everyone that Continental's days are numbered. Sometime late this year, this entire corner will be knocked down and developed. It's truly heartbreaking that we and so many Old Skool places are falling by the wayside but unless you own your building that's how it goes. This Bar has been my life. First as a Rock Club and then as a Dive Bar and I've loved every minute of it (mostly speaking). Don't hate my landlords. They're older now, got a great deal and I can't blame them and I want to thank them; Eddie, Ruth and Jack (RIP) for treating me like Family and always giving me an affordable rent and I also want to thank Jeff Bezos for not selling Beer. Special Thanks to my Staff- especially Noel and Bingo, the Bands, the Regulars and the rest of you lunatics for coming to my bar all these years! I'm grateful and honored that we're part of NYC Rock History and I'm also very proud of this incarnation, what I call a Classy, Dive Bar. When I was bartending my way through college- this was my Dream and it happened! I will always be so deeply grateful for this experience...Trigger P.S. if we're very, very busy for the remainder, it's possible that we'll have the funds to relocate!!! P.P.S. to the haters, trollers and people we denied entry to (let me guess- you've never owned or managed a bar)- get a life. A busy, centrally located, bar without a Door Policy will soon devolve into chaos, violence and things disappearing. At the Community Board & Precinct meetings, Continental was never in the conversations re underage drinking, bar fights or pocketbook, cell phone or any other common bar theft. Our door policy was strictly about dress code and vibe code. That's it. And I'm absolutely certain that we denied entry to more intoxicated, caucasian, bro types than any other group or race. P.P.P.S. While it's true that we're not closing next week, time flies, so make sure you stop by before we're done!


10) Location, Location, Location
9) It's ALWAYS Happy Hour here!
8) Best looking clientele in the world - and that means you!
7) At Continental "The Customer's always WRONG" Trigger
6) The absolute, hands down, best Dive Bar Jukebox in the world.
5) "I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy." Tom Waits
4) What happens at Continental - stays at Continental.
3) Nothing rhymes with Continental!
2) Iggy Pop drank here.
1) 5 Shots of Anything $12 All Day/All Night

Why drink anywhere else?

Welcome to Continental - The concept here is Classy, Dive Bar. We have the best Jukebox in NYC and super cheap drink prices. That combined with a great, accessible location makes it a no brainer for your PRE GAME, GAME and POST GAME drinking needs!

For the few people that don't appreciate my bar or really get the concept- that's fine- let them go to the Meat Packing District and spend $20 for a drink and $10 plus for a shot.

But I can assure you of a few things;
- Not only are the shots not "watered down" but this practice of diluting good brand name liquor with cheaper, generic stuff has never happened in my bar!!! Not once! Let alone as an ongoing practice.
- I understand that people can't believe the 5 Shot deal so they assume that it's got to be a scam but I can personally guarantee you that it's for real. Want to verify this for yourself???
- I've given my bartenders permission to let customers choose a random bottle from our back up stock that's in plain view and you, yourself can open the bottle and feel the seal break when you open it!!! (except on weekend nights when we're slammed but you can request th
is early or late on a weekend night)
You can also order 1 or more shots from the bottle you just opened and compare it to the liquor that you've originally ordered from the already opened bottle! I absolutely guarantee that there will be no difference whatsoever.
The only shot ingredients and taste that might vary slightly are the popular mixed shots such as SoCo Lime, Red Headed Sluts etc. which is understandable.
I don't make money on the shots. It's my gimmick to draw people in as we don't have food, karaoke, live music or any of the other things most places have one or more of. So please... come in and see for yourself!

If you read my response on this site re comments about my door policy you have to agree that someone's race or color is completely irrelevant to me and my staff. The City investigated 3 times and backs me up on this. Try coming with a black male dressed normally and a white guy whose pants are sagging off his butt and watch what happens. 9 times out of 10 (as long as we catch it) the saggy guy (regardless of color) will be denied and the others will get in. Probably 10 times out of 10. We also deny the "Jersey Shore" knucklehead types and anyone else we get a vibe from whom we think might be difficult once inside. So to all of the complainers that see the shot glass as half empty and don't really know what they're talking about- I dare you to take me up on these two suggestions of mine! Just one more thing- when you've been proven wrong please have the integrity to speak up about it. On Yelp or wherever.

And to all of the people that keep coming back and appreciate our throwback drink prices, great music and an extremely safe, comfortable and fun environment... Thanks for your support! It's true- my bouncers are strict but they're also very professional. I've never seen a fight in my bar and hopefully never will! We also don't have the extremely common problem a lot of bars in NYC have -iphones, bags and wallets being stolen and I KNOW this is because of our very strict door policy.You may be surprised to hear this but this is the #1 topic at the Precinct and Community Board meetings that we bar owners are invited to attend. I'm willing to deny entry to dozens of people a night and the $ they'd spend if that's what it takes to have and maintain a safe environment. I'm in it for the long haul so I'll take that trade off every day and apparently the Regulars and tons of people that keep returning to my bar agree!

And if a bouncer ever behaves inappropriately to you please let me know. I'm almost always there. If not- call in the afternoon. †If a complaint like that turns out to be true I'd let that bouncer go on the spot!

I do stand by my guys though and the security company that places them here but anythings possible.
It's a very stressful job and dealing with people that have been drinking can be like baby sitting. We do our best though and that's why we're usually packed and have lasted so long.

Sincerely, Trigger (owner)

Allie Conti is an unprofessional creep:

Allie Conti wrote an article stating that I'm a racist because we were investigated three times regarding our Door Policy. I have contacted her to remind her that while that part is true she doesn't mention that all 3 investigations were completed and then dismissed, but she hasn't made that correction. This is a typical example of; profound unprofessionalism, subjective reporting and an obviously miserable, persons hateful projections.
Why else would she leave the most important fact out?

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